Tips for Finding Cost Effective Living Quarters for Your Workers

If you operate in an industry where you only need workers for a short period of time, then you know that it is sometimes hard to find workers that are willing to take a job where longevity is not guaranteed.

If workers have a choice of taking seasonal work, or taking a full time job with a contract for so many years work, then obviously they are going to take the latter opportunity.

However, there are some people that prefer seasonal work and they prefer to travel for work and then return home for a rest once the job is over.

Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers are workers that know that they will only have a job for a certain amount of time. For example, if a worker takes a job in a holiday camp, then they know that they will only have that job for the summer because the camp closes for the winter.

This is something that they know when they sign their contract and if the seasonal works suits them and their lifestyle, then they will probably make a life out of doing seasonal work. Some workers will return to the same camp year after year.

When they work on a holiday camp, they will get their housing for free in caravans that have been especially bought for the staff to use them. These caravans are not available to rent by the customers and there is no loss to the holiday camp.

Other Industries

However, seasonal workers also operate in other industries where they travel for work. The industry could be construction, farming or even festivals. In these industries, the employer might not have the luxury of having accommodation for the workers.

If you work in any of the above industries then you will know that sometimes it is hard to find workers that are willing to travel for work and live away from home.

If you expect the worker to pay for their own accommodation and only pay them minimum wage, then you are going to find it extremely hard to find workers. It will not be worth the money for them to work for you because they might still have to pay rent or a mortgage on their home, and then rent on a temporary place for them to live whilst they work, and then they only make minimum wage. There will be nothing left for them to live off.

Therefore, if you want to attract workers to your business and you want them to live away from home for the season, then you have to make the offer attractive for them.


One way to make the job offer more attractive to them is to offer to pay for their accommodation. You might be thinking that this will make it not worth it for you, but there is a cost effective way of doing this.

You could buy a fleet of caravans and have them housed on your site. You could buy second hand ones that only cost a couple of thousand each, or you could rent them.

With them being on your site, you don’t have to worry about land rental and you could take them from site to site with you. One of the benefits of having caravans on your site is that you might not have to pay for security guards to look after the site when it is closed for the night because your employees will always be on site. This will put thieves off from even trying to get onto the site.

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