Tips On How To Keep A Man

Are you afraid of losing your man? You know that life changes people but you don’t want it to set the two of you against each other. Are there things that you can do to ensure that he stays happily with you? Some tips on how to keep a man.

i. Being passive and agreeable doesn’t work!

Yes I know you thought that being as little trouble as possible would help you keep a man but it simply doesn’t work. If you simply do what he wants whether or not it’s something that you have an interest in, then guess what happens? You become a nothing in the relationship and his attraction to you diminishes as you, your feelings and self-esteem disappear with your passivity. With time he will want to be in a relationship with a ‘real’ person who has feelings, opinions etc… and he will leave you. Or you will feel so ignored in the relationship that you will not want to stay with him.

ii. Being aggressive alienates him

When you ignore his feelings, desires and self-esteem in your bid to get what you want then he begins to feel like he doesn’t matter in the relationship. If you use anger and attack to get what you want then know that with time he will be overwhelmed by the desire to leave this ‘abusive’ woman… you. A tip on how to keep a man is that you must learn how to change your aggression.

iii. Manipulation pushes him away

To keep a man then you must avoid using tears or guilt to get what you want from him. When you manipulate him then with time he begins to feel used by you… and if he has any self-respect then he will feel a need to be free from you. He will feel like he is a relationship with a child… and yet you are a grown woman.

iv. Being assertive builds the relationship

To keep a man you must expressive your feelings, opinion and self-esteem… and listen to his. You must learn to disagree with your man without falling back to personal attack or tears or being passive. Respect him… and interact in such a way that he just has to respect you.

a. Accept the passage of time. To keep a man you must age gracefully. This means that you accept yourself with the changes that time brings. You can do what you need to do to look and feel great but don’t be stuck in inappropriate clothes and attitudes that make you come across as desperately misplaced… and unhappy in your own skin.

b. Stay involved in life. To keep a man then you must stay engaged in life so that he does not become your whole life as that will overwhelm him and make him want to escape from you and the relationship.

Tips on how to keep a man involve interacting with him in ways that respect yours and his feelings, opinions and self-esteems.


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