What Fine Dining Is All About!

You might have heard the phrase “fine dining” being thrown around every now and then and if you aren’t initiated into the niceties of proper or luxurious eating, you may not exactly appreciate all the intricate and subtle nuances of fine dining. In fact, you may even have attended such a dinner where you have only found yourself getting confused by the arrangement of spoons, forks, knives, glasses and napkins! It would therefore be advisable to understand how the whole arrangement works out in order to get the best out of fine dining.

So, if you are interested in educating yourself, read on.

Fine dining is one of the best services being offered by the best restaurants. This involves everything surrounding your dinner including the restaurant location, ambiance of the room, the service, and most of all, the table arrangement. Fine dining would involve a perfect arrangement of all these elements.

The most important factor is to understand the arrangement of knives, spoons and forks that are brought to the table with each course. You will always find that a series of forks have been arranged on the left side of your plate while spoons and knives are on your right. It is interesting how the table is always set with the right handed people in mind. The simple rule here is to always work from the outside as you come in.

Fine dining is not complete without soup and pudding. Soup spoons normally come in two shapes, the egg-shaped and the round bowl. When eating soup, make sure that the soup bowl stays on the table. Never drink your soup from the bowl unless you want to become the laughing stock. Do not confuse pudding with dessert. Pudding is a sweet course while dessert is normally made of cheese or fruit.

Then there is the use of a napkin during fine dining. There is a nice little subtlety here too! Remember, it is not advisable to wipe your mouth with a napkin, only dabbing is recommended. Make sure that you unfold your napkin and place it on your knees. Make sure that you place your napkin tidily on the left side of your plate after you are through with the meal.

Lastly, of course, there are glasses. Usually there would be two or more glasses. The glasses are placed on the right upper side of your plate. In the case of four glasses, the top left glass is meant for red wine, and then followed by a white wine glass, which is smaller. At the top right will be a champagne glass and the bottom right will be wine glass.

Then there is this last, nevertheless very important aspect of ambience. Fine dining should have the right ambiance. This includes lighting, choice of music and the room temperature. Though everyone has his or her own preference when it comes to ambiance, it should have a generally comfortable feel. With the right service, you can be sure of getting the best fine dining ever.


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